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My name is Jack, but I also go by MarvelMaster616. I'm in my 20s, I'm hard-working, and overall I'm a pretty average guy with some pretty special passions. I first got into comics when I was seven. This is when the X-men, Spider-Man, and Batman cartoons first came out. It was these three series that started my love affair with comics. At first I was just into the shows. But later on I started exploring the comics a bit more and quickly grew to love them as well. My favorite storylines include Alan Moore's "The Killing Joke" and Watchmen. I'm also a big fan of Chris Claremont's "Phoenix Saga" and Mark Miller's "Ultimate Marvel" creations. Brian Bendis's entire "Ultimate Spider-Man" run also has a special place in my heart, particularly his fresh take on "The Clone Saga."

While I was getting into comics, I started discovering my artistic side as well. Growing up, I was never very good at drawing. But I had a way with written words. I've been writing poetry and short stories for as long as I can remember. Throughout high school and college, writing was my strongest skill and I've sought to develp that over the years. Fanfiction has given me the perfect medium to do so and I quickly got into it after discovering sites like fanfiction.net. I started only reading at first, but I then started writing and it quickly turned into my most passionate hobby.

So for the past several years I've been an avid writer, crafting stories in my spare time. I've written some pretty epic stories and I've met some wonderful friends in the process. I hope to meet plenty of more people with this series. I also hope to use it as a front to advertise my skills. It is my lifelong dream to become a professional writer. I want to write comics, novels, anything I can do to tell a story. All the while I hope to refine my skills in the process.

Now as a writer I do have certain tenants and for those of you following this series, you should notice how I make use of them. I'm a firm believer in focusing on characters. It is the characters, I believe, that are the essance of the story. Wether the story is based on an underlying event or a specific struggle, the characters remain the key. As such it's important to stay true to them no matter what plots come along. Like fragile glass, they must be handled carefully.

As part of this philosophy I have three core rules when it comes to writing this series and any other story I craft. I call them my "three commandments of storytelling."

I: Characters don't change. Their influences change, their behavior may change, and even their thoughts may change. But who they are at their core does NOT change.

II: The past is the key to the present and vice versa. As characters develop, the past plays heavily into who they are and what they become.

III: Events don't just happen. They emerge from the characters and environment around them. It's important for any plot to emerge naturally from the circumstances it is a part of.

These are the constants I have learned through years of writing. It has come through trial and error and I hope to have more through my experience with this ambitious project.

The whole idea of X-men Supreme actually came about from my following of the Ultimate universe. I had grown somewhat conflicted with the direction of the mainline 616 comics and found ultimate to be a great outlet. I got to see characters in a new light and for a time it was my favorite comic. Since then 616 has caught up to Ultimate and I've more or less returned to 616. With Ultimate later declining in quality I eventually started to ponder how I would craft a series like this. From here, X-men Supreme was born.

It started as a simple outline and for a time it was just another fanfiction project. But it has quickly turned into something so much more. I hope to really make something of this series and look forward to it being my crowning achievement both as a writer and a passionate X-men fan. From Stan Lee to Chris Claremont, this is my tribute to the world of X. Thanks to everyone for being a part of it and if you ever wish to contact me, talk comics, or just talk don't be afraid to do so.

Best Regards,
Jack - aka MarvelMaster616