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Volume 2 -- Issue 42 -- Overlord Part 5


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December 25, 2015, 12:23 am
Manami *I personally thohugt this was a great post (I came here because you remarked on Twitter that it was annoying some people, so I wanted to show some support).I think what people think of as the muse is an explanation for the way that very often, you're not consciously in control of what you write. When you're in the flow, as it were, very often the words come in a great surge. After all, I've been writing all my life because I've felt driven to express myself that way. Although I often like to make my world into its own personality (I imagine it as a sort of dragon), I don't think there's some magical entity out there inspiring me. I can see all the places where all the things I've read, all the masses of research I've done, has brought out the story.I go through times when I don't want to write Amnar. But actually, now I think about it, I've never gone through a time when I wasn't writing *something*.As far as your commenter goes, she is perfectly entitled to her view but that doesn't mean you need to worry about it. Giving writers permission to stop is actually helpful it felt good to think that after writing so many books, when I don't feel like writing I can put my feet up. So thank you for that!

September 23, 2011, 6:27 pm
bumlingerWhoooooooaaaaaaaa!!!!!! What a cracking story. I had held off on commenting until I had read all 5 parts. I got hooked onto your work on this site quite late, and therefore there were already about 35 issues ready and waiting to be read when I found this site. So I could just read them all as I pleased. If I had to go out, no biggie, sure the last few were always there for when I came back. But then I got to Overload 1 and that was it. I've been waiting patiently (well actually impatiently) every day for the next installment. Then the next. And the next. And now finally the last one! And I have been hugely engrossed with the whole spectacle! As Lorna got knocked out, I instantly thought "I bet it'll be Rogue to drain magneto and lorna, and maybe wolverine too for good measure, and she'll operate the machine" But you threw in yet another curve ball in trademark fashion to leave me clutching at straws. And you still have the odd sentence here and there that hint that they are paving the way for interesting future stories. Such as Jean's "extra force", Exodus's memory loss, Magneto's compromise. Brilliant stuff. Top notch! Now don't leave us waiting too long for the next 42 issues! ;)