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Volume 4 -- Issue 81 -- Political Incorrectness


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December 25, 2015, 1:11 am
Camila *RKU, Another behavioural aagolny is the old line to the effect that when the elevator boy starts giving you stock tips it's time to sell. Herd behaviour always overshoots.I have lately been amused by the new-found PC zeal of one of my long-time redneck friends. Thirty years ago, when I was reading franz Fanon and wandering the full political spectrum from Stalin to Trotsky, this woman, God bless her, used to complain about 'smelly darkies'. These days, after some upward mobility, she has learned how to behave and doesn't want to be embarrassed by someone like, er, me.This also helps explain the polaristion of politics and what many have identified as the recent decline of civil discourse. Witness the 'debate' on HBD where blank slatists appear to have only two rhetorical techniques: bewildering and frankly shameless obscurantism (see Wiki on the topic of race); and childish abuse (see Salon, Slate or any MSM comment forum). Gilbert Pinfold.