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Volume 5 -- Issue 116 -- Weapon Plus Part 4


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March 16, 2015, 8:48 am
bumlingerBrilliant volume 5 so far. Loving wolverine getting the beating of his life. I've always thought he was too pumped up. Give me a Cyclops or a gambit any day of the week that have to be smarter with their fights then just dive in and slash. Loving the fact that prof x, hank and jean made the decision to go to genosha only to have the fight finish before they got there. Really curious as to what these headaches are that prof x keeps getting. Love that it was rogue who actually saved the day here as a side effect of using her powers. Usually she hates her power. And finally to say I'm glad the main antagonist did not escape to be able to come back at a later date. This happens way too much in most comics. Glad he wasn't killed "accidently" either. You know what I mean like... The main baddy dies in an explosion even though the heroes try to save him. Just desserts is the way to go. Keep up the great series.