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Volume 5 -- Issue 99 -- Escaping Destiny


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December 24, 2015, 11:56 pm
Raquel *This review is from: While Panasonic, Sony and Samsung all bltate each other for who's TV is best, LG saving the money and passing it on to the user, specifically me. This TV is loaded with everything you would expect in a 2012 TV minus the fads or undeveloped programs. This one caught my eye because it is so thin and the price is amazing. The bezel on it is very thin and the TV without the stand is under a inch and a half thick. I bought this to replace my old dinosaur of a Sharp TV (also an under-rated brand). It is still a great TV, but at almost 6inches wide it was a heavy best. This TV, although not recommended, I am able to hold in one arm it is so thin and light.The picture is great, but I am never a huge fan of edge lit LED as they always appear lighter/whiter at the edges. It isn't a huge deal expect a really dark scene in a movie, and is most noticeable when loading a game or movie and the input is blank. The screen should be black but is grey around the edges. That was a rather large rant, but it is not by any means a turn off from this TV.I am a big fan of LG Simplink, although not flawless it easily allows the connection of a surround sound unit with only a few button pushes on the remote. I do appreciate the picture calibrator, but I found some user adjustments were still needed as the TV couldn't get it quite right.The sound is pretty weak on the TV itself, but that is almost expected these days. I simply got a sound bar to go with it and it suffices for the sized room this TV is in.Pros:+Amazon Price+Thin Bezel and Thin Body+Great 1080p pictureCons:-Underwhelming sound-LED Edge lightingOverall you would be lucky to find a better built TV in this price range. Keep it up LG.

July 19, 2014, 11:43 am
Anonymus *Good work.