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Throughout the history of X-men, romance has been a big part of the story. The love between certain characters has given X-men and Marvel Comics in general some of it's most comeplling tales. This section is a celebration of the couples that have made X-men great. Please note that many of these images come from the fine artists at ComicConArt.com and DeviantArt so please take the time to thank them if you can. And if you wish to submit art to add to any one of these sections, please feel free to do so using my contact page. Enjoy!

Warning: Some of these images are sexier than others. If you are not of an appropriate age (18 or older) to view such images please do not proceed. There is nothing overly graphic, but there are images some would consider quite hot. You have been warned!

Cyclops and Jean Grey

Wolverine and Jean Grey

Wolverine and Storm