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Bio - Lilandra Neramani

Lilandra Bio

Full Name: Lilandra Neramani
Age: 44
Occupation: Acting Chairman Chandilar Enterprises, Founder and CEO of Aerie Global
Mutant Abilities: Advanced level telepathy that allow her to read minds, influence memories and perceptions, seize control of or manipulate motor functions, and project his consciousness beyond his body in an astral on a level comprable to Charles Xavier

History: The life of Lilandra Neramani is and always has been closely tied to her cosmopolitan yet mysterious family. The Neramani family history is largely obscured and even mythologized in some cases. Her parents were both visionaries. Her father, Kenneth Neramani, was an aggressive yet brilliant man of science with ideas decades ahead of his time. By stark contrast, her mother was a staunch humanitarian who dedicated her life to peace and justice. The circumstances of how they came together are unknown, but in the years following World War II they built Chandilar Enterprise, an advanced technology company in which Lilandra was immersed from a young age.

Lilandra had the best possible view of what is otherwise an obscured story. Kenneth Neramani’s ability to formulate advanced scientific theorems was often overshadowed by his aggressive nature. It is rumored that this may stem from a serious family-related conflict that led him to be an outcast of sorts. Whatever the story, Lilandra’s mother provided the necessary people skills to turn Kenneth’s work into a business. That business relationship turned into a very personal relationship and almost as quickly as Chandilar Enterprise was founded, it grew into one of the largest technology firms in the world. Despite getting married and pursuing a very well-documented relationship, it took a number of years for Lilandra to be born. For reasons not clear, she was their only child. It is thought that there were some unusual circumstances surrounding Lilandra’s birth, but few details have been confirmed.

At a young age, Lilandra found herself absorbing both personalities from her parents. She drew upon the strong, aggressive force with which her father pursued his ideas. She also drew upon her mother’s compassionate, caring persona that made her an integral part of the family company. That company grew rapidly as Lilandra’s mother utilized her business skills to turn Kenneth’s knowledge into patents. These patents were instrumental in the development of advanced computer, laser, materials, chemical, and aerospace technology. They also made Chandilar extremely wealthy, so much so that it became a multi-national conglomerate. Yet despite urges to cash in and make the company public, Lilandra’s parents were strict about keeping the nature of their company private.

While her parents had much to teach her, tragedy struck when she was only seven-years-old. In what Chandilar Enterprise described an unexpected brain aneurism, Kenneth Neramani fell into a coma and disappeared from public view. It’s not clear what sort of treatment he sought or even if it was sought, but several days later Lilandra’s mother came forth and announced that he had died. Few details were given and no body was presented to bury. From this day forward, Lilandra and her mother became the future of Chandilar Enterprise.

Armed with this responsibility, Lilandra took on her new responsibilities and learned the family business. She attended various prep schools in Switzerland and England. She was a top-tier student who was also known for being athletic and being involved in various campus organizations that supported peace movements. It became one of her most passionate activities, working as a humanitarian. The compassion instilled by her mother was apparent, but other skills emerged as well during her teenage years.

One day while attending a track event, she absorbed a blow to the head from a javelin that left her concussed. During her recovery, she started hearing voices and thoughts. While she had been afraid at first, her parents quickly rushed to her aid and revealed that she was a mutant. It was a revelation she was told to keep private at all costs. Even though mutants were emerging at the time, her mother insisted that she keep her unique skills to herself and without question she obliged.

Over the years, she further refined her mutant abilities and her intellectual abilities in accord with her mother’s wishes. As time went on, Chandilar continued to grow and Lilandra continued to become more involved. She made a name for herself carrying on the battles her father began, namely those that prevented militaries and private defense companies form turning their technology into weapons. Lilandra herself got involved in a number of these fights. This soon became her primary role within the company and on in which she excelled, allowing her mother to continue to run the day-to-day operations more efficiently.  Lilandra maintained this role for many years after graduating college and later pursued additional education on the side. But just when it seemed she was ready to take over for her mother, she made another fateful decision.

Disillusioned by constantly fighting legal battles, she used her family resources to found her own human rights organization named Aerie Global. She tasked this organization with aggressively pursuing human rights not just in providing aide and relief, but in confronting government regimes and politicians that were tyrannical. This drew ire from many, but Lilandra’s status and persona helped make her a big name in the humanitarian community. Her organization also set itself apart by specifically focusing on the rights of mutants and as this issue escalated, her path crossed with Charles Xavier.

The Xavier family was known to Chandilar Enterprises to some extent already. Charles Xavier’s father was one of Chandilar’s top minds for many years. It is largely through his work that the advanced equipment including the Danger Room and the XR-77 Blackbird were successfully developed. Those ties remained as the Xavier Institute became a primary purchaser of Chandilar hardware for many years. However, it was the events surrounding Senator Kelly’s presidential campaign that led Lilandra’s path to cross with that of Charles Xavier.

Lilandra and Aerie Global were among the few to confront Senator Kelly publicly during his campaign, which led to the now infamous incident in Philadelphia where one of Kelly’s own supporters attempted a phony assassination. This event also brought her directly in league with Charles Xavier, with whom she forged a new partnership that promises to grow in importance both personally and professionally.

Character Breakdown: Lilandra Neramani shares many of the same traits as Charles Xavier in terms of conflict and tolerance. Her parents both stuck to high ethical standards when developing Chandilar Enterprise. Among those ethics involved an unwillingness to allow their technology to be directly used for war. Her father’s strength along with her mother’s compassion left an important mark on her at a young age. She learned to resist both the means towards violence and the factors that led to it. Such aversions to violence forge a very pacifistic mentality that places great value on the dignity of human life and a strong revulsion to needless conflict.

Despite such strong pacifist tendencies, Lilandra also demonstrates a somewhat confrontational nature. She spent a good deal of her life fighting against those who wanted to use her company resources for war and later on she would refine those skills against the likes of Senator Robert Kelly. While she didn’t get a chance to know her father very well, she does seem to share his propensity to present a strong if not intimidating presence. This contrast allows her the kind of savvy business skills that are indicative of those who are highly motivated and driven.

Also like Charles Xavier, Lilandra’s telepathy also serves as a reinforcement mechanism for her mother’s compassion. So even in her motivation, she cannot avoid the thoughts and feelings that others convey. In some ways this fuels her confrontational nature. It’s what allows her to be compassionate while still being effective as an authority figure. She can relate to someone while intimidating them with her presence. Such a powerful balance show all the signs of someone who has been groomed for leadership both by parents and by circumstances.