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Bio - Quicksilver::
Full Name: Pietro Maximoff
Age: 24
Occupation: Career thief and spy, former traveling student
Mutant Abilities: Ability to think and move at superhuman speeds, allowing him to run at speeds approaching mach five while accelerated body chemistry allows him to resist the effects of friction, low oxygen, and kinetic impact.

History: Having been born into the complicated and violent world of his father, Erik Lensherr, Pietro Maximoff and his twin sister, Wanda Maximoff, often live in the shadow of their family name. Their mother, Magda Maximoff, was traveling with her husband Erik and his friend Charles through the war-torn Balkan when she was seven months pregnant. While they were working in a small villiage near the mountains, a hoard of rebel soldiers stormed the area. The soldiers beat and seriously wounded Madga. Erik was able to save her by slaughtering the soldiers with his magnetic powers, but the injuries were too severe. Magda was rushed to an outpost in the mountains where she gave birth to Pietro and his sister. She died the next day.

The death of Pietro's mother would wear heavily on him throughout his early life as his father, Erik, struggled to raise him and his sister on his own. Early on, Erik's anger and hatred towards humanity rubbed off on him and Pietro showed an early tendancy for aggression. Charles tried to help, but he had grown apart from his friend and when Pietro was around three they parted ways. Pietro would follow his father to remote areas of the Alps in Switzerland where he and his sister would be safe. They would eventually establish a home in a small town with Marya Maximoff, the older sister of Madga. A practicing Wiccan and a talented mystic, she took responsibility for the twins while Erik continued to travel. It is not known where he ventured, but he did make regular visits to Marya and the twins. During this time, Marya attempted to keep life quiet and simple for Pietro and his sister. However, this life did not mesh well with the growing boy.

The absence of his father led Pietro to become more aggressive and rebellious. While being homeschooled, he showed early on that he was able to learn and retrain information quicker so he didn't have to study as much as his sister. This left him with a lot of free time growing up. He quickly developed a tendancy to be head strong, often running away from home into town and causing a stir. He would frequently get into trouble, stealing small items from stores and playing jokes on travelers. Marya often scolded this behavior, but could do little to stem it. The only authority Pietro took seriously was his father and while his sister learned much from Marya, he taught himself to be strong. He made a name for himself in the region as an outlaw, a role he often embraced. His love of attention would grow as he came of age, yet still he hungered for bigger and better things.

Pietro would get his wish at age 15 when his father returned from his travels. He brought with him a mysterious device that he claimed would unlock his and Wanda's potential. Trusting their father, they let them use it and Pietro's latant mutant ability was activated. Now imbued with super speed, Pietro's desire for new challenges and experiences had reached new heights. He and his sister sought to rejoin their father in his travels. However, they were still young and he wanted them to see the world through his eyes. To do so, he sent him and Wanda to different war zones in the Balkans and the Middle East.

Under the guise of traveling students, Pietro got his first taste of war. He ended up in the deserts of the Middle East where war over access to a river had been causing bloodshed for years. Looking to make his father proud, he tried using his power to end the conflict himself by using his speed to kick up sandstorms near military strongholds. He believed this would force both sides to cooperate, but it only led to an all out slaughter. The two sides attacked one another, thinking they had nothing else to lose. When Pietro saw this he was convinced. Humanity had no hope.

By age 17 he was working with his father full time, now taking the name Quicksilver. For years he traveled with his sister, gathering resources and aiding their mutant bretheren. He loyally follows his father, trusting that his plan for mutant supremecy is the right plan. Like his father, he also sees Charles Xavier and his X-men as threats to mutants everywhere and constantly fights against them in the ongoing struggle for the future of the mutant race.

Character Breakdown: Pietro Maximoff's personality is in many ways defined by his speed powers. Even before they manifested, he showed a tendancy to live in the fast lane so to speak. He was aggressive at an early age, not taking kindly to authority or any such obstacle that would slow him down. He was never content to just live quietly. He had a powerful desire for new and exciting sensations. It was the only way he felt the world could keep up with him and that helps develop a very rebellious and arrogant persona.

Because he often moves faster than he thinks, Pietro is also very impulsive. He lacks the ability to plan and reason, a trait he often leaves to others like his father. In some ways this also makes him dependant on others to give him a chance at those intense experiences he craves. For him it isn't jsut about the rush. It's the challenge he often grasps. He feels with his speed there are few challenges he cannot overcome. When they don't go his way, he gets more angry and irrational than others. This is part of what leads him down the path of his father. He holds onto his hatred and anger because his ego will not allow him to think outside himself. When he was a student traveling in the Middle East, it never dawned on him that his actions helped lead to the slaughter that made humanity seem so barbaric. It shows how he projects psychologically the ills of the world. He feels that with his ability that nothing is his fault and he'll fight to prove himself no matter who opposes him.

Going along with his arrogance and his impulsive nature is his dedication to his father. Because he's somewhat dependant on others to do the rational thinking for him, he is very closely tied to his family. He relies on Wanda to keep him in line very often and he relies on his father to have the vision and plan for the future of their kind. He takes being Magneto's son very seriously. It isn't enough to just be part of his father's plan. He has to be his greatest champion and when others like the X-men get in the way, it tends to enrage him even further. It creates this cycle where the more he fails his father, the more determined he is to prove himself.

Psychologically, Pietro's persona is a complex interplay with these three components driving him in his endeavors. His arrogance, impulsivity, and dedication to his father create the framework that makes him who he is. It also entreches him in the mutant conflict. Like his father, the conflict is part of who he is and it won't get resolved so long as humans are around to oppose him.