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Bio - Sabretooth::
Full Name: Victor Creed
Age: unknown
Occupation: unknown, but often employed as a mercenary and assassin
Mutant Abilities: Superhuman, strength, reflexes, and senses. Regenerative healing factor that makes him immune to all infectious disease, serious injury, and major poisons. Healing also makes him age very slowly if at all. Skeleton bonded with unbreakable adamantium which includes a set of retractable claws. Also exhibits heightened predatory traits like that of a sabretooth, allowing him to focus at superhuman levels.

History: Like many victims of Weapon X, Victor Creed's history is shrouded in mystery. Next to nothing is known about his past and much of his memory on the subject has been wiped clean. Records of his family, his childhood, and his teenage years have all been completely destroyed and he has little recollection of his youth. The first concrete records of his life coincide with that of Wolverine(only known alias: Logan). He was part of a Canadian Special Forces unit during World War II. During this time he worked closely with Wolverine and the two were said to be trusted partners and loyal soldiers. Their efficiency and trust in working together earned them a great deal of praise and suspicion. Their brutal nature, especially from Creed, became the stuff of legend. It was what helped him earn the nickname Sabretooth. Their unit was so successful it remained active after the war. It was around this time that there was a major rift between him and Logan. The nature of that rift is unclear, but it all stemmed from Logan betraying Creed and leaving him for dead. The exact nature of this betrayal is known only to Creed himself, but this memory remains the most clear and it led him to cross paths with Weapon X.

It is believed that because of this rift, Creed aided Weapon X in capturing Logan and subjecting him to the experiments that turned him into a living weapon. He was first brought into the operation by a young but obscure doctor named Abraham Cornelius. At the time the dissolution of his unit left Creed a wanted man within the Canadian and American military. In order to exact his vengeance on Logan, he needed to work within a new and more secretive unit under Major John Wraith. With his resources, he was able to hunt down Logan and bring him into the project. He was said to have taken a perverse pleasure in watching Logan endure the experiments. However, Creed himself would later be subjected to these experiments. It is not clear whether Creed did this willingly, but all evidence indicates he was tricked. Like Wolveirne, he had a healing factor and that allowed him to undergo the adamantium bonding process.

The experiments of Weapon X turned Creed into an even more unstoppable killing machine. The experiments changed his mindset and his physiology, enhancing his already heightened senses to superhuman levels. It also expanded his feral nature. Whereas Logan resisted the control asserted by Cornelius, Creed embraced it to an extent. It brought an animal-like nature that was driven by a predatory mindset. This nature was so strong that he stopped going by his old name, Victor Creed, and would only respond to the name Sabretooth. While Wolverine escaped, Sabretooth remained with Weapon X a bit longer. He was trained under Conrelius and Wraith, who later became a Colonel. This training taught him to focus and harness his feral nature and utilize it to devastating effects. He was poised to become the weapon Logan never turned into, but in the end his desire for vengeance was stronger than any ability to control him.

Eventually, Sabretooth escaped from Weapon X. The details are sketchy, but it is believed to be every bit as bloody as Wolverine's escape. Afterward, his history once again becomes shrouded. It is believed he lived in the wilderness of Northern Canada for a while to hone his predatory senses. Years later he emerged as a major player in the mercenary world. His ruthless nature earned him a fierce reputation and with the money he earned, he renewed his search for Wolverine. As the decades went by there were several clashes, but the details on these clashes are not fully known. Whatever their nature they were not sufficient to quench Creed's desire for vengeance. His hatred for Logan has only grown over the years. The nature of this hatred is not entirely understood even by Sabretooth himself, but he understands enough that his sole purpose in life is to make Logan suffer for what he believes is the ultimate betrayal.

Character Breakdown: Victor Creed is a man driven by dark emotions. He exhibits many traits stemming frome excessive anger, greed, and narcisissm. He rejects and even resists the slightest inclination towards humanity. In many ways the sole driving force of his personality is the basic animal nature of all higher mammels. However, that's not to say these traits are forged completely out of malice. Much of Creed's mindset is evident steeped in the destructive environment of war. Most of his earliest memories are of being in a battlefield. In this environment he relies on a predatory mindset to not only survive, but thrive. His persona is so used to these grim surroundings that he's actually content in arenas that would be adversive to most people. It can even be argued that the coping mechanisms employed to make the mind more adept to difficult situations has gone into overdrive with Creed and that is why he is so comfortable with war and violence.

However, the dark emotions that guide him aren't all dark. Victor Creed was engraged by what he believed to be a major betrayal by Logan. This is quite telling in the sense that it shows how much Creed trusted Logan as a friend and fellow soldier. This is a man he fought besides and by all accounts trusted with his life during the most difficult times in either of their lives. Between the two of them, they had years of experience and trust. On the battlefield even a few years can equate to a lifetime because of the survivalist nature of war. So when Logan betrays that trust and brotherhood, it enrages him to a point that his sole focus in life is to make Logan suffer for it. His predatory nature, which is guided by intense focus on prey, only reinforces this notion.

Between his desire for vengeance and his outright rejection of humanity, it's only natural that Weapon X would bring out the worst in Creed. While Logan fights his animal nature, Sabretooth embraces it. To him all these physical tools and burning hatred are a means to an end. He wishes to make Logan suffer. This is the nature of the prey/predator mindset. Sabretooth has his prey and his sole mission in life seems to be the capture and destruction of this prey. If not Logan, he would find another source of prey and dedicate all his anger, hatred, and strength to subduing it. For this reason he is a very dangerous human being and formiddable foe to anyone who gets in his way.