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Bio - Wolverine::
Full Name: unknown, but goes by alias "Logan"
Age: unknown
Occupation: unknown, but lived as a drifter before becoming a combat instructor and adventurer at Xavier Institute
Mutant Abilities: Superhuman reflexes and senses, especially sense of smell that allows him to track and detect anomolies in the air. Regenerative healing factor that makes him immune to all infectious disease and major poisons, exhibit superhuman endurance, and allows him to regrow limbs. Healing also makes him age very slowly if at all. Skeleton bonded with unbreakable adamantium which includes a set of retractable claws in his wrists. Also can exhibit extreme rage in a state known as 'berserker rage,' but it is unclear if this is part of his mutation or a product of Weapon X.

History: A mysterious man by nature, very little is known about Logan's past. Even Logan himself isn't sure where he came from or how he got to where he is. He isn't even sure if Logan is his real name, but it is the only alias he knows. He has no recollection of his childhood, but he knows he was born in Canada. He has no recollection of his parents or family either. His entire childhood and teenage years are a mystery and no records exist to offer insight into this period. However, there is firm documentation that he fought in World War II as part of Canadian Special Forces. Logan himself has a vague recollection of this time. Of those memories, many of them include an equally ferocious figure named Victor Creed. His memory of this man is not nearly as shrouded. The two of them were in the same Special Forces unit during the war. However, events that are not entirely clear caused a major rift between them and the two men became mortal enemies. The reasons behind this hatred are unknown, but it is a hatred that stems deep for both men.

After the war, Logan's memories becomes far more shrouded. He does seem to recall staying in Special Forces. He also recalls his team from World War II continuing various missions in the earliest days of the Cold War. It is during this time that his life as he knows it becomes completely erased. Shortly after World War II, a secretive advanced weapons program was established by the American and Canadian governments. This program, known only as Weapon X, sought to take mutants and turn them into obedient, durable, unstoppable killing machines. The main figures behind it included an ambitious scientist named Abraham Cornelius and an aspiring young officer named Major John Wraith. They were the ones that put together the inital operation, doing research out of a series of secret bases in Canada. The bulk of their research was to make a man more durable through a process that would bond adamantium to his bones and then remove all personality and fre will from his mind to make him obedient. Both Logan and Victor Creed were the first test subjects. It is unclear whether they volunteered or were coerced, but they both shared the dubious honor of being the first successful.

Of the few memories Logan has, the experience of the adamantium bonding process are by far the most vivid. He hauntingly recalls in his nightmares being suspended in a bio tube with wires going into his body. From there, he endured the excruciating process that bonded adamantium to his bones. The process was so painful it twisted his mind, filling him with rage and hatred. His healing factor kept him alive. While the bonding process was successful, his memory wipe was not. Cornelius and his team were able to succeed in most respects in removing his memories, but before they could tame him Logan fought back. He broke free from his captors, killed everyone in sight, and ran off into the Canadian wilderness.

What happened in the years that followed is unclear. Logan has no memories of any part of his life after the bonding process. Weapon X removed any personal documentation of his life and near as he can tell, he became a wandering drifter. While Weapon X may have been damaged, Wraith and Cornelius survived the experience and never stopped hunting Logan. It isn't fully clear what happened during these years on the run, but it is clear that at some point Weapon X did catch up with Logan and they did re-capture him. The memories become even more vague for Logan during this time. He does recall being tested and trained like an animal, having to hunt down targets in extreme conditions while wearing a special head visor. As far as he knows Weapon X had him under their thumb, but once again he escaped. The details on this are less clear. It appears that Weapon X was still unable to control him. Now more enraged and twisted than ever, Logan shifted his focus from running away to hunting down all those responsible for Weapon X. This search went on for years with only minor progress.

Eventually, his search landed him in the grasp of Weapon X again. Only this time, the X-men were there to help him get away. While twisted and deeply scarred by his experience, Professor Charles Xavier offered to help him rebuild the life Weapon X took from him. Logan refused at first, but with some heavy coaxing by Jean Grey he eventually came around. He has since started rebuilding his life and his humanity as a combat instructor at the Xavier Institute and an X-man.

Character Breakdown: The core of Logan's character revolves around his mystery. He some very unusual circumstances in that he doesn't remember his life or his influences yet he still carries a distinct persona. This persona is centered around instinct. He is a man who defines himself as a fighter. He doesn't shy away from battles and he doesn't take kindly to anybody getting in his way. This gives him very anti-social traits that make it difficult for him to form relationships and make friends. As a result, he is a loner who often does his own thing.

Chief among this aspect of his psychology is his anger. Because he is so driven by instinct, he is quick to anger and has little aversion to violence. Some of this may also stem from being able to heal. Whereas the traditional instincts of fight or flight hold strong in everyone, most are biologically wired to avoid battles wherever possible so as to avoid damage to the body or environment. But Logan does not have to worry about such damage. His body is durable enough to heal from nearly any wound and because of this, he is much more prone to fighting and violence. Couple this with his powerful instincts and he becomes almost predatory in nature, ferociously seeking out his enemies while proecting what few resources he has left.

The effects of Weapon X on his character cannot be understated. While his anti-social personality was well-defined beforehand, Weapon X only made it worse by treating him as a test subjecting and putting him through the painful processes of adamantium bonding and memory wiping. This process further robbed him of his humanity and he became very much the Wolverine that identifies him. His ability to escape and resist Weapon X highlight a powerful desire to not be controlled, which can be both a natural reaction and an extension of his loner persona. His predatory character also helps push him to seeking vengeance on those who wrong him rather than run away. The more he is treated as an animal, the more enraged he becomes. It shows in his distinct "berserker rage" where instinct nearly completely takes over and his violence drives him even further into madness.

However, while Logan has a great many anti-social traits and predatory instincts, he is not without humanity. A major strength of his character is that while he is constnatly being ripped away from everything that makes him human, he still retains it. This implies that he has a naturally strong sense of humanity, something that is often innate and prompted by those with high self-awareness. Logan does seem to care that he is turning into a monster and doesn't like it. So he does resist becoming what Weapon X is turning him into. It can also be implied that the furious predatory instinct is at odds with his instinct as a fighter. He has no problems being a fighter, but it's being an animal that he despises and in this struggle he seeks a balance between his humanity and his instinct.

In many ways him joining the X-men reflects his desire to rebuild what was taken from him. It shows that while he's often adverse to relationships, he will still respond to those who reach out to him and like his predatory instinct to protect what little he has he will show a strong loyalty to those few people he deems friends.